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About Upper Vobster Farm


Upper Vobster Farm is a beautiful country property lovingly restored and created to help you take a rest from the stresses of life. There are so many pressures around us that take away our space and time. Upper Vobster Farm is somewhere where you can allow yourself to have a moment to be yourself again. We have 55 acres of land, including a 6 acre wood, which is a nature conservation area and preservation area for birds of prey. Nature, the woods and the sounds of the birds will make you stop in your tracks and feel the magic around. As well as the buzzards, kestrels and red kites you may well see the resident kingfishers on the stream or by one of the lakes, or hear the woodpecker at work in the ancient oak tree.

As our guest you are welcome to enjoy all that we have to offer. There are wonderful walks, places to sit and time to be. From the buildings the land slopes down to a stream in the valley below. There are two small lakes with damsel flies and dragonflies, one with a beach with logs and rocks to sit on that also harbours a large number of newts and the other one which is near an old stone bridge that leads you on to the old drovers way. But please remember that playing in or by or with water is what children like best and it is your responsibility to make sure that they are supervised by an adult at all times.


You’ll find a flock of North Ronaldsay rare breed sheep, pygmy goats, various ducks which live in their own castle,  many varieties of hens and other wildlife. Grasses and wildflowers are abundant in summer, bluebells and wild garlic in spring and numerous fungi in autumn. Winter frosts leave an enchanting feel to treasure when you’re all wrapped up and can come back to a warm fire.

Upper Vobster Farm is also home to our cocker spaniel, Toby, who is speckled black and white. Toby enjoys swimming, chasing pheasants and burying things and will give you a very warm welcome.



When Tricia first visited the property she felt the potential of what the place could hold and always knew that it would be somewhere for people to come to. What's more, she saw the real purpose of the Farm as a place that opens its doors to share with all those looking for supportive accommodation away from home.​


Upper Vobster Farm is the family home of Tricia & Michael Nicholson. Today the farm house is surrounded by cottages, a barn and a traditional farm courtyard that people come to enjoy from all around the world. 

"When we moved to Upper Vobster Farm, the buildings and grounds were derelict and dilapidated. From an early age Tricia has had a love of creating warm spaces and doing up rooms and places, so it was natural that she wished to take on the whole project. Together we've always enjoyed sharing with others and connecting with people and we realised the importance of this opportunity. We've now built a foundation that provides the farm with its deeply tangible and harmonious quality, a quality available for everyone to enjoy. The result is pristineness, simplicity and clarity. We look forward to welcoming you to experience the warmth and support of our special accommodation."


Tricia and Michael Nicholson


This is a picture of the Farm when we first bought it in 1989. See the main house on the right and the covered yard and animal building at the back that would later become the Triangle Courtyard pictured in the centre of the image below.


This is Upper Vobster Farm 30 years later. In this image the main house is pictured on the left. You can also see Cherry Tree Cottage on the right.

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