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The Beauty of the Farm


Upper Vobster Farm is a place of outstanding natural beauty and brings a spaciousness in nature to all.


The grounds of the farm have been added to over the years and great care has been taken with all areas. Clearing the hedgerows of old barbed wire and various objects has brought a freedom and clarity. It's a great place for the flock of rare breed North Ronaldsay sheep and pygmy goats. The ducks have their own miniature Nunney Castle, complete with moat, and the hens and bantams range freely.

Vobbster Farm stone-brige.jpg

Natural paths have been made to guide and support you in your walks through the fields, the woodland valley by the old stream, the ponds and the ancient woodlands. The main woodland known as Shipperidge Wood was recorded in the Domesday Book published in 1086, over 900 years ago.

Treasured by us, the woods come alive in Spring with bluebells, wild garlic, orchids and violets. In winter the green mosses cover the ground and the bark of the old trees bringing vibrancy to the winter surroundings and bare tree-trunks. Also, to be found is a large variety of fungi in all shapes and sizes with their amazing colours.


Keep your eyes peeled for owls, red kites, kingfishers, woodpeckers, buzzards, deer, herons, squirrels and  badgers. We even have a pair of otters at certain times of the year. And listen to the dawn chorus at its best in Spring and Autumn.

_FLA0475 runner duck mallard shade 2.jpg

Enjoy the wild-flower meadows and grasslands that are maintained naturally. Over 4,000 trees have been planted around the fields to add to the woodlands thus establishing replacements for many of the old oak and ash trees that are coming to the end of their lives. It's a place of rejuvenation.

Vobster Farm - May 2020-512.jpg

For 30 years roses and lavender have been added to the gardens and the colour and scent lasts through the summer months. Hedges are trimmed and the ponds tended so the visitor can immediately feel the care that is taken.


A small insight in to all that the farm and land offers - allowing you space to let go and feel a deep rest and settlement during your stay. 

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