COVID-19 Prevention Procedures

Your Safety is our Priority

Last update: 31st December 2020

Frequently asked questions

You will no doubt have questions about your stay with us, or future bookings that you may be considering during this time. Despite the fact the situation is constantly changing, these are our recommendations for what to do if you have booked or wish to book a stay at Upper Vobster Farm.

Can I still go on my holiday in the UK?

If you live in England and wish to go on holiday in England If you are in Tier 1 or Tier 2 you can holdiay in England. If you are in Tier 3 or Tier 4 this is not permitted. If you live in Scotland and wish to visit England. Under current Scottish regulations, unless you have a reasonable excuse you must not travel between Scotland and England If you live in Wales and wish to visit England. People living in Wales are free to travel inside and outside the country but the arrangements will need to comply with the rules in both countries. If you live in Northern Ireland and wish to visit England. You should avoid all unnecessary travel but read the country guidelines first.

Is it OK to book a UK Holiday now?

Yes but not in January 2021 and always check that you will receive a full refund if you book a holiday and have to cancel for Covid-19 reasons.

Do I need travel insurance for the UK?

If you’re thinking about a ‘staycation’, you should still consider taking out UK holiday insurance, just as you would consider travel insurance for a holiday abroad. Although you may not need to worry about medical cover, as you would for a holiday abroad, because you’ll still be able to receive NHS care and treatment, you may still want to be covered for things like cancellations and baggage loss or damage. Check to see if the insurer will cover you for Covid-19. If you're coming from overseas you should have travel insurance as normal.

What reassurance can you give me about coming to Upper Vobster Farm?

We’re following the Government’s Guidelines to safeguard the overall health and safety of our guests, visitors and staff. The measures we have implemented include introducing social distancing and the wearing of face masks when and where appropriate, providing hand sanitisers and anti-bacterial hand wash wherever we can, extra time spent deep cleaning and sanitising all the properties and work-spaces, limiting high contact points around the farm and reducing contact with others when and where applicable. All visitors are required to sign in and we record staff and visitor temperatures daily. As a "hospitality" venue we are legally obliged to create and display an NHS QR code poster that guests can scan. We have printed and laminated posters SPECIFIC TO THE PROPERTY THAT YOU’RE STAYING IN and these are prominently displayed You will need to download the app on your phone before you can scan the QR code. You will then be kept updated with information about anyone with whom you may have been in contact who has, or who has had, symptoms of, Covid-19. Our policies are reviewed as and when needed in line with any government advice as it is issued. And if you have to cancel becasue of Covid-19 we will refund any deposit paid.

What happens if I have to cancel because of Government restrictions?

If, as a result of newly introduced measures, you are restricted from travelling, one of your options is to change your dates so as to secure a future booking. We will also waive our standard cancellation policy provided you let us know as soon as you are aware of the restrictions being applied and any deposit paid will be refunded. In other circumstances if you are obliged to cancel your booking solely as a result of Covid-19 restrictions or because one of the named people on the booking form is unable to come to stay as a result of Covid-19, please let us know and, unless there are specific reasons not to do so, we will waive our standard cancellation policy.

What happens if Government guidance affects my decision to travel?

If you feel you cannot or do not wish to travel to one of our cottages as a result of Governemnt Guidelines you have two options. The first option is to transfer your booking to a later date. The second option is to cancel. Because the accommodation is available and technically you could have come to stay our standard cancellation terms will apply. However, we treat all cases on their merits and if you are uncertain what to do please contact us as soon as you can and we can see what is possible.

Do you have any further advice to share?

Please be aware and be responsible – in the interests of your own health and wellbeing, as well as that of others, it is important that you follow the latest Government advice and guidelines and check for any local restrictions before you travel. If in doubt, call us. We're here to help.

What we are doing to keep you safe


​Increased sanitisation - We are deep cleaning and disinfecting our properties before your arrival, taking extra care to ensure that all high touch areas are thoroughly sanitised. We are increasing the frequency of hand-washing, using appropriate PPE to ensure there is no cross contamination and changing this for each property cleaned. In addition we have implemented additional staff training to increase and ensure awareness at all times.


Bed Linen and Soft Furnishings – All bed linen will be washed at a temperature of at least 60 degrees and ironed with a steam iron. All other soft furnishings will be steam cleaned, including carpets and sofas. All other furniture will be treated as high touch areas and cleaned accordingly.


Reducing items/products in properties – It may seem that your cottage is a little bare. However, to ensure there is as little risk to you as possible, we have removed all unnecessary leaflets/brochures, soft furnishings and products from the kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms and bathrooms.


Space – You are staying in one of our unique self-catering properties which has the added bonus of being able to stay relatively isolated from anyone else who is staying or working on the farm. Plus, there is plenty of space to walk outside and still keep your distance from others. However, we have taken the precautions to mark out two meters where possible and would ask you to be aware of these distancing requirements at all times.


Help and Assistance – If you do require any help whilst you are here, you can call us on the Office landline 01373 812166 or on the Farm Mobile out of hours 07563 945237.

Here’s what we are asking of you:

​Please wash your hands with soap or alcohol based hand rub before entering the property.


DO NOT TAKE YOUR HOLIDAY IF YOU ARE FEELING UNWELL. If you feel unwell whilst you are here, please seek medical advice if required and also let us know. Cover your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue or flexed elbow when you cough or sneeze.


Please respect everyone’s personal space and social distancing measures.


We are all doing our best – please be kind and respectful to our staff and all other visitors to the farm.

Download our Covid Safety Instructions for your stay